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Practically every task that takes place in the legal industry utilises paper, from deeds and contracts, wills and depositions, leases, agreements and litigations, which cause high costs for legal firms.

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Managing all of these documents efficiently can be strenuous, many legal practices have little or no awareness of just how much their print and document activity is costing them. It can be difficult to calculate and monitor the exact quantity of printing, copying and scanning passing through all departments and how to allocate these costs to each client or matter.

Cost recovery and client disbursements are of paramount importance to all legal firms. An effective print control and document management solution will ensure all print and document activity is captured accurately and chargeable to the associated client or matter. Legal firms experience large overheads, yet one simple cost recovery solution is often overlooked. Law firms need to make sure that all expenses incurred in serving clients are accurately assigned and recovered – including the disbursements for printing, copying and scanning. 

Using the latest print management technology allows users to allocate costs direct to any client or matter at the multi-functional device (MFD) rather than trying to reconcile later. The software enables full auditing and tracking of all print, copy and scan activity which is integrated with firms billing departments, to provide automated billing to clients.

This ensures that all specific case/matter costs are broken down and accounted for, whilst enhancing document security with user authentication all within the solution. It can be difficult for law practices to print less, but recouping these costs can be simplified. Implementing an effective print control and document management solution can lead to accurate disbursements, improved cost recovery and therefore lower overheads.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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