Does your print environment need a health check?

The finance and investment sectors have some of the most rigid rules and compliance procedures that can lead to multiple, conflicting print and document management policies which can become confusing for users and managers.

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Not fully understanding the print and document infrastructure impacts on budgets and having no control of how this data is managed within the organisation can affect regulatory compliance and overall performance. By undertaking an audit it can lead to greater connectivity, compliance and transparency, higher security and as a result, greater stakeholder confidence.

Considering an audit?

print audit is an effective way for an organisation to gain an accurate understanding of their existing print infrastructure along with user behaviours, print volumes and all associated costs. The findings of a print audit can then be used to identify key problem areas and highlight opportunities to implement a more efficient solution.

In a world dominated by ‘digital transformation’, organisations within the finance and investment sector are adopting a modern way of working, including the implementation of document management systems and more effective print processes. To truly understand the opportunities available to your organisation it is vital you start with an audit and get a deeper understanding of your current environment.

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