Is your print environment too complex to manage?

When your organisation has multiple office locations across the globe, there is little room to manage the issues associated with several different print environments.

Keep your devices secure with Apogee's Managed Print Services

If you are in the finance and investment sector where you conduct business across several different countries, it can leave your IT department struggling to implement a single print and document policy that fits all locations and meet compliance and regulatory requirements within those countries.

With one simple software solution your organisation can implement a single unified print and document experience regardless of geographical barriers. This provides departments and individuals the freedom to produce prints, copies, scans and manage data regardless of the devices location. With a single print queue and one reporting centre it will provide total control of your print and document environment, whilst significantly reducing the burden on internal IT departments managing a complex print infrastructure.

Keep your devices secure with Apogee's Managed Print Services

What is a unified global print experience?

Essentially, it is one unified user experience across all locations irrespective of the device or geography. For example, a finance firm with offices in the UK, Europe and the US may all be using different models and manufacturers with multiple user experiences across each device. Beyond the print environment, the problem is amplified when taking into account the scanning and security risks associated.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Provide one print queue and one reporting centre for total control of your print and document environment

  • Aligned document processes and workflows to simplify user experience and training for staff and IT

  • Visibility of all client disbursements from all locations, increasing cost control and recovery

  • Accurately track and report on all print and scan activity across the entire organisation

  • Improve control and minimise the burden on IT

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