Overcoming your IT challenges with a Managed IT Service

Is your IT presenting you with more than your fair share of challenges? A Managed IT Service may be key to overcoming them.

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As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s apparent that solely in-house IT departments are becoming less and less viable for businesses. Whether you’re an SME who struggles to develop your IT capabilities, or a large company who requires more sophisticated technology to keep ahead - it’s only a matter of time before you’ll have to consider at least partially outsourcing your IT.

While you may think that making changes to your IT infrastructure is more hassle than it’s worth, investing in a Managed IT Services (MITS) provider can actually take a multitude of problems off of your hands:

IT Budgets you can predict

Instead of shelling out an enormous capital expenditure on purchasing technology, a MITS provider gives you access to the latest models for manageable operational costs. The obvious advantage of paying in instalments is the ability to accurately project your annual IT budget - while also being able to maximise your performance with superior technology.

Another benefit of a MITS provider is that maintenance and repairs are often already included in the lease price – meaning that surprise technical issues won’t cost you any extra to resolve.

Support you can rely on

For a MITS provider, uptime is a top priority - and the best will use a combination of remote monitoring and a 24/7 support centre to deliver a proactive approach to supporting your devices. Whether you require a remote or manual fix; outsourcing this service means that you can organise specialist repairs easily – and quickly, assuming you’ve chosen your provider well.

By combining your specialist MITS service with the smaller, general day-to-day maintenance of your IT department, consistent uptime is all but assured for your operations.

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Easily adjustable device packages

IT systems must be able to suit your business needs – and if your business is growing, your IT should be scaled accordingly in order to keep up. While this is easy if you’re purchasing your own equipment, it’s much harder to scale down if you need to balance costs for whatever reason.

However, companies with MITS providers are not limited in this way. Often, MITS packages can easily be scaled up or down depending on what is required; with costs being adjusted proportionally to ensure that you’re only paying for the devices that you’re leasing.

Seamless IT transition

How much of your time is taken up by setting up devices for new recruits? The good news is, an exemplary MITS provider will provide Imaging Services that take this time-consuming task off your hands completely – setting up your new IT devices with your unique specifications prior to deployment. This will enable your team to transition between old and new devices near-seamlessly: and all without taking up the valuable time of your IT department.

Convenient disposal of legacy equipment

When the time comes to upgrade to a MITS solution, some providers will allow you to sell your old technology to them in order to offset some of the cost. Usually your old technology will be dismantled - with the core materials reused - and the memory drives disposed of safely and compliantly with GDPR regulations. Procedures such as data sanitisation and hard drive shredding mean that any personal details stored on your old devices will be completely inaccessible, providing you with peace of mind.


We’ve covered many benefits of investing in MITS, but the one unifying element between each one is that technology-based tedium takes up less of your workload. Not only does this allow you to focus your attentions wholly onto developing your business – but to do so safe in the knowledge that your IT is completely covered by someone you can trust.  

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