Modernise Your Workspace and Strive Towards a "Paperless Office"

In the world of business, innovative technologies have become the most important tools for successful organisations.

The Document process to automate your legacy systems with Apogee's document scanning

Combined with external pressures to be more compliant and environmentally friendly, organisations are focusing more on digital transformation and heading towards a ‘paperless office’.

Even with people working ‘on the move’ and the time and money which is spent on printing and storing paperwork, there is still heavy reliance on printing paper documents within office’s. A Managed Print Service can help reduce paper use dramatically to support this shift in attitudes.

A range of technologies have been introduced which provide the opportunity for organisations to take a digital approach to print and document management. Not only will becoming paperless improve social corporate responsibility from the huge environmental benefits, but organisations can reap many other benefits from becoming a paperless office. Being paperless means that the entire system will be streamlined, making it quick and efficient to share documents and knowledge around the business. With all documents available at the click of a button, less physical prints are needed which clears up clutter through reducing paper waste, removing unnecessary storage space, keeping data safe and secure, and also saving the organisation money.

Print Audit

Becoming a paperless office depends of the nature of the organisation, so looking at the current print infrastructure is crucial. A print audit provides visibility on how each printer is being used, the volume of documents printed and how documents move around the organisation. With this information, a strategy can be proposed to demonstrate how all current printing processes can be digitally transformed with modern equipment. For an organisation to become paperless, views on how the majority of physical printing is unnecessary must be unified.

Document Management

The volume of wasted prints can become uncontrollable when people are printing emails, failing to use dulpex functions, printing duplicates and even forgetting to pick documents up from the printer. Having effective document management to prevent documents building up will make workflows and business operations much more efficient. Storing documents electronically supports the digitisation of the organisations entire document management processes. The storage can either be through the organisations server, or a cloud-based storage solution.

Storing and Sharing Documents

This system is essentially a single web-based platform which captures the documents, sorts them according to their type and stores them. This modern document management system makes it quick and efficient for people to find documents and distribute them around the business, whenever and wherever. To make processes even more efficient, data capture technology can be included within the document management system. This could involve barcodes at the point of document creation or character recognition, with a simple word search function. It ensures that no matter what volume of documents are in storage, it is a faster way to handle business.


Consolidating multiple office printers into larger devices in central office locations, capable of high volume with various functionalities, will ensure the business is still equipped for their printing needs. However, by removing printers on each desk, employees will be more inclined to think about what they are printing, resulting in a reduction of paper being circulated. To support the efforts of reducing paper usage, print policies can be implemented which defaults settings to double-sided printed and deleting any print jobs which haven’t been printed.

Apogee Corporation

Apogee offer organisations a number of modern, innovative services to help support the move to a paperless office. Various Cloud Solutions can be implemented and tailored to suit the organisation, as well as technologies such as sign-on-glass which further digitise workflows and automates the production and return of customer documents automated electronically.

To find out other ways which Apogee can support your organisation work towards a paperless office, speak to our experts today on 0345 300 9955.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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