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What are managed printing solutions?

Managed printing solutions are the end-to-end services around supplying, managing and maintaining your printing equipment. The complexity and diversity of the project scope will differ depending on the nature of the organisation and the specific document requirements.

For instance, a large public sector institution will require certain procurement, compliance and regulatory practices to be undertaken, whereas a new start-up company will be much more agile and will be free to select any blend of printing hardware or software that suits their exacting needs.


Managing printing solutions can be desirable to all organisations for two main reasons:

  • All companies require the ability to use documents to some extent;

  • Optimising the management of documents brings numerous benefits that can far outweigh the opportunity costs.

Due to these reasons, managed printing services can be an attractive option to any business, regardless of size or industry. Some of the main benefits of managed printing solutions are explained below.

Benefits of managed printing solutions

Managed print solutions are designed to optimise an organisations document output by remotely and proactively managing the technology infrastructure. More specifically, managed printing solutions can provide significant benefits and competitive advantages including:

  • Reduce costs: understand, control and rationalise printing practices to significantly reduce overall spend.

  • Reduce environmental impact: improve green credentials by reducing waste and carbon footprint.

  • Enhance security: use latest technology and security measures to protect business data and networks from cyber breaches.

  • Regulatory compliancecomply with GDPR and other legislation using up to date management processes and document policies.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency: optimise document workflows to reduce burden on support staff and allow users to leverage mobile printingcloud printing and other technologies to work more flexibly.

  • Accessibility: the flexibility of managed print services means that any size organisation, in any industry and from any location, can benefit from their printing technology and processes being proactively managed by a specialist provider.

Managed printing solutions in your company

Does your organisation currently use a managed print provider to optimise your printing performance? If not, then your company is missing out on many of the opportunities and benefits discussed in this article.

Get in touch with Apogee today by calling 0345 300 9955 or completing our website enquiry form to start your journey to digital transformation and optimise your businesses performance through market leading managed printing solutions.

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