Improve Security Through Managed Print Service

Every time individuals scan, copy, fax or email documents, there is a risk that these documents will be accidentally exposed or intentionally compromised. With the rise of counterfeit crimes and the introduction of GDPR, security is becoming a fundamental business practice for keeping information safe.

Apogee Print Control

As Apogee is Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed print services, document and process technology and outsource services, we can offer a wide range of technologies. Altogether, we have a portfolio of over 40 software packages to tailor the most appropriate and secure solutions possible to your organisation.

User Authorisation

Many organisations don’t have the effective control over the security of their data, documents and multi-functional devices (MFDs). At Apogee, we have the ability to restrict access to network MFDs through ‘Secure Release’ which requires user authorisation and distributing release printing cards. To further increase security in the current working environment, secure network connection for mobile users can be offered. These measures will ensure that information is not left unattended, uncollected or easily attacked.


All of your devices can be tracked centrally by Apogee with audit trails for all your documents. This allows us to view each time documents are viewed, edited or printed and also detects any attacks so they can be stopped imminently. This Managed Print Service minimises the potential security threats by being aware and alert. As well as devices being monitored, we can offer security fleet management solutions which will check and fix device security settings when necessary through rebooting the device.

Start your year in the right direction and ensure your print and document strategy is secure. To find out more about our range of secure services call us today on 0345 300 9955 or contact us here.

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