How can Outsourced Document Services help your business?

Outsourcing any element of your business is not a decision that should be taken without weighing up the advantages and potential downfalls. Our quick guide will help you to decide if the decision will benefit your business in the long-term.

Document management can improve your organisation's operational efficiency.

When you have multiple deadlines looming, it’s easy to underestimate how minor administrative tasks such as document shredding, storage, printing, and sending post can add up and become a considerable time sink.

What is an Outsourced Document Service?

Outsourced Document Services (ODS) is a viable solution to this highly common problem. By outsourcing these minor, but time-consuming admin tasks to a document management provider, you can essentially let them take care of the tedium – allowing you to refocus your business processes to align with your business goals and strategies.

Many modern businesses are starting to deviate from the traditional office setup in favour of hybrid work models: and in that regard, the adoption of ODS can only be beneficial. As has become quickly apparent with hybrid working; staff still need to print, send & receive mail, and complete many more everyday admin tasks, regardless of their location– and ODS allows them to accomplish this without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.

Document management can improve your organisation's operational efficiency.

Key Benefits to your Organisation

Cost Effectiveness
Using ODS to streamline processes and operations throughout your organisation will naturally deliver a cost-saving; as will undertaking regular cost appraisals of your list of outsourcing providers. Remember, it is generally preferable to have a small, well-managed list of preferred outsourcing providers, or even a single provider with the coverage and expertise to handle all of your outsourcing requirements.

Higher Efficiency
As businesses have discovered in recent years, certain processes and operations actually work more effectively and efficiently when their ODS system is optimised. Staff will be aware of who to contact, the typical project lead times, and have a clear pricing structure to help allocate budgets accordingly.

More Security
Following GDPR legislation and heavy penalties being imposed, it is more crucial than ever that all organisations understand how their data is being used and managed by outsource providers. Therefore, it is essential that businesses always look for the usual assurances when selecting their partner. Furthermore, reducing the number of document outsourcing suppliers that handle data on your behalf will ensure less governance and compliance around data usage; as well as reducing security concerns and breach potential.

Peace of Mind
Being let down by a document outsourcing provider can cause a huge impact on business operations, whether it be producing marketing materials for a big event, or scanning large volumes of documents for a legal case. ODS providers who operate 24/7 can help ease the stress of meeting tight deadlines.

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