Why Graphic Print should be part of your marketing strategy

Transforming creative graphic designs into digital print is a valuable marketing tool for organisations and can be key when generating demand, attracting new business. Graphic print can lead to highly distinctive marketing campaigns, with FedEx stating “printing services helped four out of five small business owners stand out from competition.”

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Bring your ideas to life

Using creative artworking and printing these physically can bring your ideas to life and inspire potential customers. Whether the print is displayed in the business environment or in public, awareness and attention surrounding the business is being created. Delivering graphic print through visuals combined with informative content is a perfect form of communication, captivating people through images and colours and targeting their emotions.


When designing and creating graphic print, personality can be driven throughout. When people see this graphic inside or outside the workplace, the personality of the organisation is portrayed to ensure it comes across as relatable and approachable. Along with this, an effective branding strategy is formed which will allow people to distinguish the organisation from others.


The digital age has resulted in more organisations focusing their marketing strategy on digital channels and online graphic materials. Although many benefits come from using digital media, the decreased use in physical print means that there is an opportunity for your organisation to stand out from competitors. Having graphic print in shops and on the street opens the audience to everybody, so a wider variety of individuals will be enticed. Physical print is also deemed a more trusted and dependable form of media, so more attention to detail will be given.

Apogee Graphics

Apogee Graphics specialise in bringing your organisations ideas and brand to life through combining graphic design and digital print.

The in-house graphic design team at Apogee are highly experienced and use their talent to create bespoke designs which support many elements within a marketing strategy, such as branding, events, exhibitions and signage. When liaising with the client, the business personality will be taken into account, captured and injected into all projects to ensure maximum attraction.

Being in a print environment means that Apogee also has the ability to print, deliver and install the project at any location in the UK. This means that all physical and digital elements within the marketing strategy can be synchronised, whilst keeping the process simple through using one supplier.

Click here to see examples of how Apogee Graphic’s can be implemented into your marketing strategy. Otherwise, if you would like to speak to our experts to get some more insight into graphic design and digital print, call 01618392767 or email

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