Focus on the big picture by fast-tracking your IT setup

The process of setting up new IT devices can represent a significant time sink for IT teams – which is completely unnecessary, considering this can be handled entirely through a Custom Setup & Imaging service.

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In such a competitive business landscape, it’s important to ensure that your IT estate is regularly updated with contemporary devices.

But – as anyone who has ever set up a personal computer will know - configuring new IT with the necessary programs is an invariably lengthy process; a process which must be repeated for each and every individual device you buy.

So when your new devices arrive, how long will your IT team need to configure them to your exact specifications? How long will employees have to wait before they can work with more efficient technology? In short: how long until this new IT actually benefits your business?

The reality is that every minute that is spent setting up a new device, is a minute that your business has not benefited from upgrading its IT estate - and the larger the installation, the greater the investment of time and manpower is required.

So what’s the alternative?

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Instead of burdening your IT department with potential weeks of setup; this process can be fast-tracked through a Custom Setup & Imaging Service. This service configures each of your new devices to your precise specifications pre-delivery - meaning that your new IT will be ready to use, fresh out of the box.

But what does this mean for your business, in the bigger picture?

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Retained focus on strategic IT tasks

While a full companywide fleet upgrade would’ve previously represented an enormous time investment for internal IT teams, a Custom Setup & Imaging service achieves the same results – but without interrupting the valuable time of your employees. 

This not only saves hours that would’ve been wasted on an ultimately menial task; but also allows your IT department to remain focused on more strategic, long-term endeavours. This way, your business essentially benefits in two ways at once – with the increased efficiency that comes with new devices, as well as your IT team being able to continue improving your internal processes uninterrupted.

Plug in and Play with new technology

Since your new IT fleet will arrive with all relevant programs pre-installed, your employees will require a minimal adjustment period to become comfortable with their new devices – essentially being able to ‘plug in and play’ with immediate effect.

The potential advantages of this speak for themselves. Employees who are used to working on an older device will suddenly have access to a faster, more reactive machine – with more powerful processors allowing them to perform tasks with increased speed and efficiency. This increased efficiency has a knock-on effect on the overall performance of their department – and, once the deployment is complete, this ripple can extend throughout the business as a whole.

Multi-phase deployment, consistent setup

For larger companies, a full IT upgrade may not be possible to implement all at once; with many businesses favouring a deployment spanning multiple phases. However, the larger the fleet, the more co-ordination is required to ensure priority business areas are not under-equipped – with consistency of service an absolute must.

Luckily, consistent quality configuration is made possible through a Custom Setup & Imaging Service, which stores a ‘master copy’ of your setup and installs it uniformly across each and every wave of your new IT fleet.

With consistency assured, all that is left to decide is when installations take place – and since clients have complete overview of the deployment process, they can easily co-ordinate each phase in order of priority. This means that companywide IT upgrades can be implemented smoothly and strategically – with minimal disruption to employees.

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