Conversations for Change: Apogee's Wellness Hour

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Have you had any YOU time this week?

For the month of May, as part of our ongoing Conversations for Change initiative, we are raising awareness on all things mental health.

We are focusing on prioritising your mental health by encouraging you to find one hour to spend on YOU. Scheduling in an hour of wellness at least once a week will help lower your risk of rising mental health issues.

Your wellness hour could be on the weekend or even before work. We are encouraging you to plan something that brings you joy and stimulates your brain, ensuring that you make time for YOU each and every week.

Here's our guide which is jam-packed with suggestions to help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and happy. Whether you're enjoying a catch-up with friends in the sunshine or spending the hour completing a yoga class, don't forget to share what you get up to with the hashtag #conversationsforchange

Organise a dog walk

Whether you do it alone or with a friend, being at one with nature and getting those steps in can only help to boost relaxation. If you're doing it alone, why not listen to a podcast or your favourite music. There are also many walking clubs that you can take part in such as Dudes & Dogs.

Find out more about Dudes & Dogs

Cook your favourite dish or bake your best-loved sweet treat

Spending some quality time following a recipe can be strangely therapeutic for some. Focusing on steps or getting creative with decoration will help you unwind, plus you have a delicious treat at the end of it. Why not bring in your baked creations for your team to enjoy!

Browse BBC Good Food recipes

Take part in a meditation or yoga session

Meditation and yoga are great ways to start or end your day. By practicing mindfulness, not only can you help control your own mental health, but also help the others around you.

Watch our Introduction To Meditation session with Jennie Kerrigan

Book in some exercise

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. This could be anything from hitting the gym before work, going for a walk on your lunch break, or going to your local driving range with friends.

View our walking challenge from the De-Stress Handbook

Get Creative!

Creativity reduces anxiety, depression, and stress, which is why it's great to take up hobbies like painting. Transfer your feelings onto paper, you might surprise yourself at how good you are at it! Other creative hobbies that are therapeutic include decorating your home, gardening and sewing!

Read the Forbes article to find out why creativity is a natural anti-depressant

Book a pamper night just for you!

Who doesn't love a great pamper session? Run a bubble bath with your favourite essential oils, put on a podcast or e-book and simply unwind. Focus on deep breathing and think about everything you're grateful for. Although times can be tough, it's always helpful to think about what you are lucky to have.

View our range of free e-books that can help you unwind
Apogee Conversations for Change

Conversations for Change by Apogee Corporation

Our goal is not only to educate you but to drive what Apogee Corporation can do. While at Apogee we aspire to always do more, we know that this is a continual learning experience, come with us on this journey as we delve into these subjects which are close to the hearts of so many.

You can follow the conversation on our website and engage with us on our social media by using #ConversationsForChange.

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