Apogee’s Sales Transformation Journey Continues as 130 members join the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)

In their drive to build strong business relationship with their customers, Apogee’s sales team are developing their knowledge and ethical selling skills with a programme of continuous professional development, designed by the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).

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As part of the programme, everyone in Apogee’s 130-strong sales team will take the ISP’s professional registration exam which is based on the Institute’s Fair ethics programme.

Under the framework, ISP members pledge to: follow the rules; provide appropriate solutions in the best interests of their customers, stakeholders and the organisations they work for; act with integrity; and raise the bar with continuing professional development.

As part of their sales transformation journey, Apogee recently became members of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) – a government body that provides certification to salespeople who prove their commitment to ethics in quality sales.

Salespeople who have successfully passed ISP’s sales ethics exam are included on their public Professional Register – a mark of trustworthiness for salespeople to share with clients, to facilitate stronger partnerships.

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Mohammed Yusuf, a Business Development Manager for Apogee’s Strategic Corporate Sales, recently passed his ‘Ethics in Sales’ exam and explains, “The transformation I am currently undergoing with Apogee and ISP teaches us how to be customer-centric.”

“Ultimately, it’s about looking after your customer’s best interests. At times, this could even result in a loss of sale, but the relationship created by putting the customer’s needs at the top of the priority list is so much more valuable – a long lasting relationship built on trust and integrity.”

The ISP membership forms part of Apogee’s overall investment in their staff; providing those who pass the exam with a business accreditation that is elevated by the legitimacy of a recognised, government-backed body.

“It helps our clients, and potential clients the most,’ says Stuart Kershaw, Regional Sales Director. “Part of the course involved talking about how customers value trust, and how to put that above the quality of solutions and price.”

“A big part of it, is doing the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do, even though no-one is watching. I think for clients that’s really important, in terms of trusting us, and being members of the ISP puts us in a better position to maintain that.”

‘With the completion of the sales ethics exam, Apogee’s entire team of 130 sales directors, leaders, and account managers will be included on ISP’s Professional Register for the next two years. With 75% of companywide completions being the standard eligibility for The Investor in Sales Award, Apogee continues to demonstrate its commitment to training ethical salespeople.'

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