Scan & Document Workflows

Digitise your office environment.

Implemented correctly, scan workflow solutions can be very powerful, delivering process improvements relating to the handling and movement of documents, regardless if they originated in paper or electronic format.

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Understanding your document processes

  • What are the most important or critical documents you deal with?
  • What repetitive tasks are completed within the organisation? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • How many users are involved in the above processes and what are the touch points with the differing users?
  • How are these documents stored now and what is the retention policy?
  • Who can access these documents and what security levels or controls are in place?

The Apogee Difference

  • Automate your internal processes
  • One Touch invoice processing
  • Track and control document movement
  • Streamline your processes with database integration
  • User authentication for data compliance
  • Integrate to 3rd party Apps will remove all scan to email requirements
  • Document extraction and automated routing
  • Simple search enabled by OCR technology

See how Marine Harvest benefited from a bespoke Managed Print Service

Marine Harvest were using a fleet of purchased and leased devices from mixed manufacturers, which had led to high costs and difficulties in managing the fleet. Apogee transformed Marine Harvest from a mixed fleet of brands and models to an integrated, unified, reliable infrastructure consisting of 18 new devices.

Scan & Document Workflows in more detail

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