Enabling Your Hybrid Future

The working world is shifting and is likely to look different for every organisation, so how can your business develop a working practice model that meets your requirements and drives your organisation forward to maximise your financial and operational efficiency?

Work on a hybrid working plan for your organisation with Managed Workplace services

Despite the embrace of a hybrid model, most organisations have only begun to think through and article the specifics of how to carry out a more permanent mix of on-site working and remote. The benefit of digital transformation means that organisations now have a choice in how they operate moving forwards, there is no longer a one size fits all approach with workplace technologies and practices.


Hybrid work is here to stay

The Work Trend Index survey was conducted by Edelman Data & Intelligence, among 31,092 full-time employee or self-employed workers across 31 markets between January 12-25 2021.

The way forward

Invest in technology and the space to bridge the physical and digital worlds

Workplace space no longer stops at a workplace. Organisations must consider how to equip employees with the tools they need to contribute – whether they are in the workplace or from home.

Work on a hybrid working plan for your organisation with Managed Print Services
Re-energise and re-build company culture

Building a company culture takes effort in any work environment, but it’s even more difficult in a digital world. Organisations must seek to create a culture where social support thrives.


Create a plan to empower employees for flexibility

Ensuring employees have the right equipment to maximise productively whilst creating a workplace that enhances collaboration. Provide guidance to employees as you experiment and learn.


Combatting digital exhaustion

Creating a culture where breaks are respected and encouraged, whilst expanding collaboration with new workplace experiences for employees.

Unlocking operational efficiency through hybrid working

What can you to increase hybrid working effiencey
An office example to show workplace collaboration

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