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17 January 2023
Alpha Bank London Ltd building
Alpha Bank London Ltd
17 January 2023

Allen and Overy

Allen & Overy were in the process of adopting digital workflow technologies to optimise the firm’s document processes and utilised Apogee’s Outsourced Document Services to help turn the office completely paperless.


“The introduction of a flexible 24/7/365 service for all hard copy and digital outsourced production assisting with peak work flows and handling in excess of 200 requests monthly.”

– Allen and Overy Representative

The Background

Allen & Overy were keen to engage with Apogee’s Outsourced Document Services (ODS) to support their strategic objective of adopting digital work flow technologies to the firm’s document processes.

Allen & Overy were particularly keen to reduce office space and consequently move towards a paperless office that fully incorporated digital work flow.


The Solution

Apogee's ODS team worked closely with the Allen & Overy Document Services Team in the development of an on-site/off-site operational model, whereby essential work with a quick turnaround remained on-site and all other work was outsourced to Apogee ODS team at the two London sites. New equipment was also invested in to improve work flows on-site and Apogee ODS were again the supplier of choice.

The solution infrastructure comprised of two key elements: litigation support services and digital work flow. This staged transition allowed the legal firm to support cultural challenges across its workforce.


The Outcome

Apogee ODS has helped the firm to push forward with its plan to digitise documents. As nearly all information is either created or communicated electronically, having a focal point to ensure that best practices are adhered to and efficiencies are maximised, is essential. This allows the firm to best administer its current requirements and plan its future ones, utilising new technologies, processes and procedures.

The development and introduction of a dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) facility at our London SE1 site to support the clients print facility with quarterly “Black Day” testing by key A & O Staff via Citrix connection from our site and a fully documented BCP/DR process.



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