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Solutions to optimise & streamline performance

Apogee's Managed Services and Outsource Services can optimise your performance across all your print hardware, software and document processes.

We supply and maintain complete document infrastructures from multi-functional printers (MFPs), production systems, mail and print rooms, cloud and fax technologies, as well as the document management and workflow software solutions for office and production environments.

As part of a more flexible client-focused service delivery approach, we have the capabilities to provide

bespoke 24/7 service level agreements, a tiered help desk facility to reduce client downtime and intuitive on-line MI reporting tools.

Being a multi-brand provider means we can provide fully customised, scalable solutions by combining best-of-breed hardware and software from market-leading manufacturers.

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Service Excellence

Apogee is passionate about service and committed to delivering the best client support to maximise your performance. Our Managed Service Operations Centre (MSOC) ensures all our key operations are based under one roof, allowing total accountability of our client services.

Our team of trained customer service advisors are on hand to answer in person, providing live support to keep you updated on the progress of your query as we work to resolve it.

Our market-leading Remote Helpdesk fix one in three issues via a network connection to maximise your uptime. If the issue cannot be resolved by our helpdesk, an engineer will be dispatched and will be at your site within our contracted response time of four hours, or the individually agreed response time.

Apogee’s pre-emptive fault avoidance service allows the team to monitor all devices on a real time basis, fixing potential issues before they occur. If you require on-site support, our highly-skilled engineers operate regionally to cover all areas of the UK.

Key service metrics

  • 350+ field-based service engineers
  • 21,000 client support calls monthly
  • 2,400 toner deliveries per day
  • 32% of service calls resolved remotely
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Why Apogee should be your first choice:

  • UK-based support providing a fast and accurate response
  • Pro-active monitoring of all your devices on a real time basis
  • Remote management of consumables immediately upon installation, including automated toner supply
  • Pre-configuration of all devices, network ready with IP address
  • Expert trainers support staff with extensive training for general users and reprographics
  • Quarterly performance and support reviews against agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Document Security

Document Security should be a critical business practice to every organisation with the increased scrutiny surrounding data control and management. Combined with GDPR, organisations are increasing their focus on security. The print environment plays a vital role in keeping an organisation’s information safe, although it is surprising that a fundamental component of any data security strategy is so often overlooked.

We understand the risk and work tirelessly to improve and introduce processes and workflows for organisations of all sizes to ensure they remain compliant and aren’t vulnerable to external attacks. From safe and secure hard drive (HDD) removal to more robust print management software - our solutions are built with security in mind. All our document processes and workflows are designed to be flexible so they adhere to all IT and security policies. Combined with our enhanced Cloud Solutions all our services can be implemented on premise or in a cloud-based environment.

We now have the ability to accurately track costs and improve document security, and we know we've got the service backup we need."

Enhancing document security

Apogee use the latest and most secure document technology available to tailor solutions for your organisation. Most organisations are struggling to find an effective approach to manage the rapidly increasing volumes of both electronically stored information and paper-based documents. We focus on what matters most - keeping confidential data secure and ensuring all your equipment is designed to combat any potential threats.

Apogee has developed a systematic approach so our dedicated team can help you find the right document management solutions to support your digital transformation and compliance objectives.




Apogee provide two additional layers of contingency to ensure that your print and document capabilities remain operational at all times. This includes on-demand, high volume specialist outsource facilities, and a secure 24/7 business continuity facility to deliver off-site document support to office and print room staff. We understand the importance of contingency and having a ‘Plan B’ and a 'Plan C' for critical business operations such as printing, copying and scanning.

Whether you need to utilise our specialist 24/7 outsource services, or worst case scenarios become a reality and you need to move your entire print infrastructure, then our disaster recovery centre ensures that your core business print and document activities will not be effected.

We are responsive around the clock to ensure your organisation remains operational. Our secure suite is on standby, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide a full service solution from digital access, through to entire print facilities.

Keeping your business running

  • Print infrastructures mirror a typical printroom setup, making the process as user-friendly as possible, ensuring operations run smoothly.
  • The off-site infrastructure is secure with gates around the complex, control cards to gain access and 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Support business functionality when print and document capabilities are not operational, with 24/365 outsource print, copy and scan contingencies available.
  • Supply the organisation with two contingency options to ensure core business practices remain operational.



    Green Printing

    A Managed Print Service will reduce your waste significantly, help reduce excessive costs and improve security. Few organisations are aware that as much as 20% of all printed and copied material is wasted, therefore green printing should be high on any organisation’s agenda. Reducing the environmental impact of your print function will not only help the environment, but can also improve the overall operational efficiency.

    An assessment will identify areas to rationalise your print resources and enforce best practice printing rules and restrictions. We help organisations focus on being less reliant on paper processes and move towards digital workflows with environmentally efficient equipment, taking your organisation to a new level of green printing.


    Research shows users often print jobs by mistake or print multiple copies. Without restrictions, print jobs can be sent to less efficient printers, resulting in a high cost and waste. Our solutions ensure users are accountable for what they print.

    More efficient infrastructure

    Multi-functional devices can replace multiple single-function printers to deliver the performance and functionality for many users to share. Combined with controlled access, your organisation will print securely whilst minimising environmental impact.


    Digitally transforming your business reduces reliance on paper documents through scanning and distributing digital copies, enabling staff to collaborate and interact without relying on original copies.




    Cost Control

    A Managed Print Service brings complete transparency to the way your organisation uses documents and all their associated costs, giving you control over spend and print management. Our assessments analyse the specifics of your day-to-day operations and identify where and why you might be overspending. With this information, we tailor a solution that will minimise costs and keep them under control long into the future.

    Apogee’s print management software will help you reduce waste and decrease expenditure by adopting a new print policy for staff. This may restrict printing to non-colour devices or invoke user authentication, regaining control of your print environment. The software encourages user accountability and reports can be produced to show each print job by user or department. Our experts will help you regain control of your print and document costs today.

    We’re now enjoying significant cost savings and great improvements in printing efficiency. Additionally, the introduction of secure printing is a real benefit for our business.”

    Why Apogee should be your first choice

    • Apogee’s range of solutions can help you save up to 40% on all print and document activity
    • User accountability will be a focus for your organisation so that the overall attitude towards printing shifts, discouraging waste and abuse while enforcing rules for output
    • All solutions are available via the cloud or on premise, depending on your IT and security policies
    • Apogee experts will streamline your document processes to ensure you start saving immediately
    • Print jobs can be automatically routed to more efficient devices and allocate print costs to specific users or departments to meet your objectives

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