Apogee Remote Management Application (ARMA)

What is ARMA?

Apogee is passionate about service and committed to delivering the best support to maximise performance. Our trained technical helpdesk team are on hand to provide live support to keep your operations running.

Apogee's unique Remote Management Application (ARMA) provides clients with a pro-active and comprehensive support platform, utilising market-leading software to ensure we deliver the most advanced managed print service.

How does it work?

The Remote Management Application is quick, simple and secure to implement. Once installed, the application will automatically begin to receive the data as per the agreed frequency.

The collected data is then analysed to formulate a tailored managed print strategy for your organisation, based on the number of devices used, their locations, and your print activity.

The proposed solution will aim to achieve your key business objectives which could include; reducing paper waste, increasing staff productivity, driving efficiencies.
  • Audit your entire print infrastructure, helping to formulate a managed print service that’s tailored to your business
  • Proactively and remotely monitor all devices, diagnosing and remediating failures before you are even aware of them
  • Automate consumables and specific parts delivery, improving uptime and enhancing service levels
  • Process timely and accurate invoicing
  • Produce volumetric, management information and data as part of our comprehensive client management and ongoing review program

Benefits to you

Real-time and Secure

Once implemented, ARMA enables remote monitoring of your Managed Print Service, providing proactive maintenance and support. Apogee is able to provide extensive remote support and updates, quickly and efficiently remediating failures, often without the need for an engineer.

ARMA does not need to enter your network to monitor and manage your devices. This means there is no incoming connection to your network. The DCA does not allow Apogee access to or control of any on-site devices on your network.

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