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Create the perfect secure and flexible workplace with print, document and IT services

Helping businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals, Apogee’s Managed Workplace Services can be tailored to any organisation ensuring you meet your objectives whether that be security enhancements, greater staff productivity or delivering flexibility in the modern workspace.

Our unique approach provides clients with the perfect combination of print, document and IT services to create the perfect secure and flexible workplace for all users.

A managed print service to optimise your print technology and improve your organisational resilience

Service Excellence

  • At Apogee, we want you to get the help and support you need as easily and efficiently as possible, that’s why all your support needs are under one roof in our Managed Service Operations Centre. Perfectly complemented by our Client Portal, where you are able to log service and consumable requests and manage your account online 24/7.
  • Our highly skilled team are here to support you when you need it most. Our Technical Service Advisors & Remote Support Engineers are available Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm (Fri: 5:30pm) with our primary aim to resolve your request on the first call. Our experienced advisors utilise industry leading software to diagnose faults and guide you through resolving these to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Our teams are trained to deliver support across all our services so you only have one place to go whether it be a print, document or IT related request. If we are unable to resolve your fault on the first call, we will engage our Helpdesk Technicians to investigate further or arrange for a Field Service Engineer to attend site to resolve, with parts if required.
  • Over the years, we’ve seen technology evolve hugely and the needs of our clients change, including supporting Managed IT Services. Our Technical Helpdesk is industry-leading with resolution rates of over 80% of all IT, Network & Software requests and over 35% of all service requests resolved remotely.
ARMA - HP Printer by people
Managed Print Services

Apogee's Remote Management Application

ARMA (Apogee's Remote Management Application)

Apogee is passionate about service and committed to delivering the best support to maximise performance and keep your operations running. Apogee's unique Remote Management Application (ARMA) provides clients with a pro-active and comprehensive support platform, utilising market-leading software to ensure we deliver the most advanced managed service for all your technology.

I find the aftercare and technical support is really what sets Apogee apart from other companies. They are very quick to respond to any issue that may arise and we find the staff we deal with to be a great support and at hand to help whenever needed. Look forward to continuing our relationship.

Document & Device Security

Security is in the top 3 priorities for most businesses when discussing their strategies and objectives for IT and Print with an ever-growing focus on ensuring organisational and personal information remains protected at all times.

We guarantee the highest levels of security are provided with all our technology and processes, from the latest innovative hardware to secure cloud solutions, we understand the importance of security and are committed to delivering only the best. Most organisations are struggling to find an effective approach to manage the rapidly increasing volumes of both electronically stored information and paper-based documents. We focus on what matters most - keeping confidential data secure and ensuring all your equipment is designed to combat any potential threats.

From safe and secure hard drive (HDD) removal on any print or IT device to more robust print management software - our solutions are built with security at the heart and soul. All our document processes and workflows are designed to be flexible so they adhere to all IT and security policies. Combined with our enhanced Cloud Solutions all our services can be implemented on-premise or in a cloud-based environment, ensuring flexibility is our best asset.

Our outsourced print facilities are covered by CCTV from every corner so any document that enters or is printed on our premises is traceable until the minute it leaves. This provides clients with the peace of mind required to outsource any critical information.

A managed print service to optimise your print technology
A managed print service to optimise your print technology and improve your financial efficiency

Business Continuity

Apogee provides two additional layers of contingency to ensure that your print, document and IT capabilities remain operational at all times. This includes on-demand, high volume specialist outsource facilities, and a secure 24/7 business continuity facility to deliver off-site document support to office and print room staff. We understand the importance of contingency and having a ‘Plan B’ and a 'Plan C' for critical business operations.

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that business continuity is key. Your organisation will be supported functionality when print and document capabilities are not operational, with 24/365 outsource print, copy and scan contingencies available.

We are responsive around the clock to ensure your organisation remains operational. Our secure suite is on standby, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide a full service solution from digital access, through to entire print facilities.

A managed print service to optimise your print technology and improve your organisational capabilities with print

Cost control

A Managed Workplace Service brings complete transparency to the costs associated with managing print, document and IT technology. Our expertise in delivering service excellence and consistent cost savings to organisations in the world of print is being realised by more and more of our clients as they seek to gain the same benefits from their IT infrastructure. 

With a market-leading infrastructure already in place businesses have the assurance their devices are always supported, combined with the reduction in capital expenditure by financing the IT equipment in line with wider strategies, businesses can truly understand the benefits delivered by a sole Managed Workplace Services provider.

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